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Conscious Alliance is a national 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization committed to supporting communities in crisis through hunger relief and youth empowerment


3801 Industrial Lane
Broomfield, CO 80020

3801 Industrial Lane
Broomfield, CO 80020

Conscious Alliance is a national 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization committed to supporting communities in crisis through hunger relief and youth empowerment

What we do

We feed families in communities that need it most. Our network of creative people — artists, musicians, food makers, and fans — use their time and talents to make that happen.

Our alliance empowers young people to make a tangible difference in the lives of people in underserved communities.

How it Works

We gather food donations in 3 ways:

1. Collaborating with musicians to host ‘Art That Feeds’ Food Drives at concerts and music festivals.

2. Partnering with food brands to collect large-scale donations.

3. Encouraging individuals, companies, and grant-makers to support our efforts financially.

With the resources in place, we handle the logistics — sorting, packing and moving truckloads of healthy food to communities in need.

Who We Serve

Hunger affects 1 in 6 kids right here in the US.

Our alliance comes together to send food directly to economically isolated communities in need, including Native American reservations and rural areas where music festivals often take place.

Stocking food pantries isn’t always enough.

Remote learning has been tough for kids who rely on free and reduced school meal programs. Conscious Alliance has helped make healthy meals and snacks accessible to kids during the pandemic by partnering with schools and community organizations to distribute food through emergency meal programs.

When schools are closed on the weekends and during breaks, families are left without a dependable source of food. We help meet this need by filling students’ backpacks with food in more than 40 schools to date.



Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota is at the heart of our founding story. Our relationship with the community runs deep.

Each week, we feed 50 families through our local food pantry. We also support all 5,000 school-aged kids with our outreach programs.

We coordinate school and home garden programs on the reservation and support youth empowerment initiatives.

Our Partners

Food Makers

Keeping surplus food from going to waste has the double benefit of fighting hunger and helping the planet.

Here’s how we work with over 60 leading food makers to keep their amazing food out of landfills and in the hand of families in need:

  • We handle all shipping and logistics to make it easy to donate
  • We pick-up donations by pallet or semi-truck anywhere in the U.S.
  • We connect the donated food with our vast network of food pantries, food banks and schools who are ready to receive and distribute products to those in need
  • We carbon offset all our trucking
In 2020, we diverted 2.6 million meals from landfills; the equivalent to keeping 538 cars off the road for an entire year.

A few of our amazing partners:

Musicians, Festivals & Artists

Poster artists design exclusive posters as a thank-you to fans who donate. Visit our Art page to snag posters and merch from past events.

How We Started

Our founders were in college when they saw the potential for turning a crowd of music lovers into a powerful force of community builders. They were avid concert-goers with an idea: What if each of these fans showed up with something to give?


Our first 'Art That Feeds' Food Drive took place in 2002 at The Fillmore Auditorium in Denver with The String Cheese Incident. More than 4,000 meals were collected. Conscious Alliance took off from there.

After establishing a relationship with Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, our team saw the need to fight food insecurity in especially vulnerable areas. Remote and rural regions are ideal venues for music festivals. But fans leave and locals are forgotten. We saw an opportunity to turn music fans into community heroes.


Our 'Art That Feeds' Food Drives now take place at hundreds of concerts and festivals across the US, leaving behind a positive impact on underserved communities, long after tour buses roll away.


Justin Levy

Justin Levy

Executive Director

Cathryn Folkestad

Cathryn Folkestad

Operations Director

BJ Cochran

BJ Cochran

Director of Logistics & Touring

Kathryn Burleson

Kathryn Burleson

Program Director

Ali Stone

Ali Stone

Director of Marketing & Digital Partnerships

Kristen Sommer-Swager

Kristen Sommer-Swager

Systems Manager

Natalie Hand

Natalie Hand

Pine Ridge Reservation Field Director


Alicia Karlin:    VP, Global Touring & Talent, AEG Presents
Don Strasburg:    Co-President, AEG Live Rocky Mountains
Elliott Toan:    Owner, Arcana Restaurant
Eric Mayers:    Management, Red Light Management
Eric Pirritt:    President, Live Nation
Gil B. Selinger:    Attorney, Fairfield and Woods, P.C.
Justin Gold:    Founder, Justin’s
Lauren Lortie:    VP of Marketing, Cappello's
Michael Bank:    CEO, Containerbuyers
Mike Luba:    Founder, Madison House Presents
Peter-Christian Olivo:    Executive VP & General Counsel, Circadence
Ryan Bonvillian:    Sales & Marketing Consultant
Steve Simon:    Managing Member, Simon Equity Partners
Victoria Fiore:    Founder/CEO, Assembly


Amy Cummins:    Special Events Coordinator
Andrew Stone:    Madison House Presents, Lively
Ann Kingston:    Red Light Management
Ben Baruch:    11E1leven Management
Darcy Johnson:    Chief Brand Officer, Choice Market
Dave Weissman:    Musical Earth Publicity
Ethan Schwartz:    Event Director
Evan Baker:    Organization Consultant
Jared Levy:    Guru Media Solutions
Jason Mastrine:    Hatchery 17
Jay Curley:    Integrated Marketing Manager, Ben & Jerry’s
Jeff King:    Event Director
Jeff Wood:    Owner, Zen Mystic Studio
Jeffrey Swager:    Owner, Symbiotic Events
Jenny Mueller:    Development Consultant
Jimmy MacMillan:    Philanthropic Consultant
John Warren:    CEO, Jay Dub Productions, Inc.
Jon Blackburn:    Print Specialist
Justin Basch:    Tour, Production Manager
Kevin Gregory:    Audio/Recording Engineer & Production Mgmt.
Lauren Evans:    365 by Whole Foods Market
Liz Folkestad:    Live Nation
Martina Hoffmann:    Visionary Artist
Matt Johns:    Technology & Fundraising Consultant
Michael Benjamin:    Creative Consultant
Michael Travis:    The String Cheese Incident
Nat Keefe:    Hot Buttered Rum
Nathan Prenger:    President, KAABOOWorks
Neal Luecking:    Chief of Marketing/Co-Founder, Chia Viva
Nick Morgan:    Peak Experience Productions
Norm Ruth:    Vice President, Deluxe Design
Ray Piagentini MA., MS.:    Professional School Counselor
Rick Hartman:    Operations Research, D.O.D.
Rob Hunt:    Colorado Attorney, Rocky Mountain Hydroponics
Robey Gibson:    Marketing Advisor, Mesh Marketing
Scott ‘Free’ Jaffke:    Simple Fuels Biodiesel, Free Entertainment
Scott Nichols:    Townsquare Experiential
Tara Riseley:    Principal, Rise Design Co.
Tobin Voggesser:    Co-Founder, NOCOAST
Tyler Andrews:    Philanthropic Consultant
Veronica Johnston:    Educational Consultant
Walt Pourier:    Owner/Creative Director, Nakota Designs